June 20, 2012

Detox Market San Francisco (Photo Heavy)

During a recent venture into San Francisco, I sought out a new addition to the Mission District: The Detox Market.  

The Detox Market's flagship location on Beverly Blvd in West Hollywood has had a cult following since their opening in 2010.  With a goal of seeking out high quality, eco-coscious beauty and food brands, a trip to The Detox Market is bound to introduce you to a handful of brands you may have never heard of before. 

Their mission statement is simple:

"We believe...We believe in pure, natural products that work.  We believe in living simply without sacrificing quality. We believe in conscious consumption. We believe in the passionate people behind each of our products. We believe in feeling good from the products we use"

Their new location at 969 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 is a breath of fresh air among the heavy concentration of thrift stores, indie coffee shops and bookstores in the area.  Using white crates as display counters, the store provides an airy approach to product display, imparting a relaxed and clean feeling to the consumer. 

In a world where a single Nordstrom may carry over 500 brand options in their beauty department alone, the edited product selection at The Detox Market was a welcome surprise.

A definite perk of visiting this location was being introduced to a number of brands which I have either never heard of, or never had the chance to play with in person.  For example:

Each brand was accompanied by a chalkboard providing information about the brand and product line; a perfect accompaniment to The Detox Market's clean and approachable aesthetic.  Key features of the brand's offering, such as cruelty free and organic ingredients, were provided with a handwritten presentation which provided a feeling of personal connection to The Detox Market.

The Detox Market also offers a handful of carefully chosen food products to their customers.

AND one of my all time favorite brands of tea, with a HUGE selection!

The Detox Market is a wonderful gem offered to the City of San Francisco; a city that offers you a little bit of everything.  I am anxious to see what new offerings The Detox Market introduces as their product selection changes and evolves to suit the needs of their San Francisco clientele. 

Final Verdict: I'll be back!