My Makeup Philosophy

My name is Jamie-Lynn and my approach to makeup and beauty is simple, "There are no rules, just do what makes you feel beautiful."

Sometimes I think makeup can be as daunting and confusing as technology. There's so much out there, we're constantly faced with questions like:

How do I apply makeup?
What colors look best on me?
How do I get my makeup to last all day long?
How do I transition from Day to Night?
Special Event coming up - HELP!

Each time we go to the store we're surrounded by 20 or more brands of makeup with their own philosophy and their own products. It's nearly impossible to keep up!

My hope is to help you clear the cloud of confusion surrounding makeup. Lets chat about makeup, starting with what you ALREADY have! No need to spend money unnecessarily.

What are your goals for makeup?
What are you currently using? If nothing, lets discuss which products would be great for you!
Would you like any help learning how to apply your makeup? Brushes, their uses and techniques.
Is there an application of makeup, i.e. the smokey eye, that you just want some help perfecting?

It's like "Makeup for Dummies" except that no one is "Makeup Dumb" just overwhelmed by the amount that's out there. Let me help you re-vamp what you already have, and teach you something new! Perfect for teen agers who are just starting out and need to know the basics, or for women just looking to spice up what they already know.

Remember, there are no rules, just do what makes you feel beautiful! Let me help you find what makes you feel beautiful