March 23, 2010

Liberty of London - Blues and Purples

The Liberty of London collection by MAC was one of those items which really caught me off guard. I think it was consumer overload, everytime I turned around someone was raving about the collection. Clearly, so as to avoid any possible let down, I was not excited. I went into my local store expecting to see, swatch and leave empty handed with a simple "Meh", I'm sure my wallet would have loved it if that's how it all went down in the OK Corral.

I ended up bring home two colors which, weeks later, have yet to leave my "OMG I love this" list...
Dames Desire

Birds and Berries

The Press Release photos for these two colors really don't do it justice, but if you look at the swatch photos (courtesy of Temptalia - link listed below) you can see that they really are unique and beautiful.

I took these two colors to create an interesting eye look, check out the video on my YouTube Channel by clicking the link below:

You can check out more pictures and swatches here of Liberty of London care of Temptalia here:

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