January 19, 2011

Sometimes two products and 30 seconds is all it takes.

Phew! Life has been racing down the track like a horse outta control lately. Good things have come, better things on the horizon, but I can hardly catch up!

As a result of my cray-ZAYschedule, my beauty routine has been suffering. My general morning looks something like this:

1. While stuck in traffic, pull out your MAC Studio Fix Foundation and smear it all over your face with the included round sponge. No mirror, all faith.

2. Take whichever pink lipgloss you've found in the bottom of your purse (Really how long HAS that been there?) and attempt to give yourself some color by applying to lips.

3. Find your nearest pair of glasses, and slap 'em on. Hey, at least they'll cover up the dark circles under your eyes!

If I'm lucky, and I'm having a good skin day, the end result looks like this:

MAC Studio Fix Powder N4, Sephora lipgloss in Pin Up Pink

Not too bad for a normal day in the office, that is, until you have a SUPER important meeting (that.you.totally.forgot.about).

I searched the depths of my makeup bag and found MAC Beet lipliner, and as a godsend it was actually sharpened, and MAC pearlglide eye pencil in Industrial. What to do, what to do.

Ever the optimist, I snuck into the bathroom to make it work. I applied Beet to the edges and colored in, layed the Pin Up Pink on top. Took the blue eyeliner to my waterline and lashline, smearing with my finger. THEN I got all fancy-creative and took some of the pink lip gloss and added it to my cheap bones for a dewy pink blush. And VOILA...

Not half bad eh?

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