May 11, 2010

Liquid Eyeliner: The Bad and the "Meh"...

I recently did a YouTube posting discussing some of the liquid liners that I have learned to used, and grown to love. I, like so many of makeup users out there, had the dreaded, "LiquidLinerScaresMeaphobia" for so many years. Recently, I have been pushing myself to use it more frequently because I like the finished, and professional appearance that it lends itself to.

During my video I didn't get much chance to discuss why I though some items were bad, or just "meh" so I thought I would get my experience with these products below.

Feel free to skip to the bottom to see my YouTube video for the highlights.

The Bad:

Only one strong candidate here:

L'Oreal HIP Cream Liner

I know that actually posting that "out loud" will attract much rebuttal from the makeup community, but I gatta be honest - I didn't like this product.

The Rant:

-For 12.00, I think it's pretty 'spensive for a drug store product
-The brush it comes with is almost like an insult to my intelligence
-For 3.00 more you could buy a MAC Fluidline (more on that later)

I didn't find that this product was as deathly dark black as some comparable products, and I found that after it dried, it had a tendency to flake. Who needs that right?

The "Meh":

L'oreal Linuer Intense -Felt Tip Liner

Now I'm all about finding drugstore products that perform like their more costly cousins, but in this case, I wasn't blown away. L'Oreal offers a liquid liner with two applicators: Felt Tip and Brush Tip (more on that later). The felt tip version is like the ugly sister that got invited to the ball at the last minute. She gets the job done, but it's nearly as graceful or put together as her sister (the brush tip version).

Lancome Artliner

Another "meh" to another felt tip liner...are we seeing a trend here? It could be that I am biased, I do put all my other makeup on with a brush, why not eyeliner? Truth be told it's probably because I just don't like the way the felt tips apply. You have to dip more frequently to get a strong showing of the product. For me, the more dips, the more time I COULD have been playing with my blush! I mean really!?

Okay, I'm done ranting now. :) catch ya on the flip side.

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