May 7, 2010

More Wedding Day Makeup Tips - Eyes


Use a primer.

An absolute must. Primers on your eye work just like primers on your face. It smoothes the surface, creates a surface for makeup to adhere to, and prevents creasing. it's a must have product for any long lasting makeup look.

Use matte eyeshadow.

Stay with matte colors. Shimmer eyeshadow colors reflects light, which looks beautiful in person, but in your pictures, the shimmer or glitter in your eyeshadow could reflect the light back at the camera and distort the pictures. Shimmer eyeshadows should be used on the eyelid, but kept off the rest of the eye. Use a matte white or cream color to create your brown highlight instead of a shimmer.

Waterproof mascara.

Even if you're not a cryer, heat and humidity can make mascara bleed also. Mascara is a MUST it opens up your eyes and emphasis the shape of them.

Think about skipping the black eyeliner.

Using dark brown, charcoal (grey) or navy eyeliner is a better choice. Black eyeliner is dramatic, but it can also look harsh, especially in natural light. You want your wedding makeup to be soft and natural, not harsh and dramatic.

Contouring your eye is key.

The purpose of make up is to show the dimensions and levels of your face. Eyes are a great place to do this. Use a champagne, soft peach, or light pink shimmer color all over your lid. Then take a soft matte plum or medium matte brown in your crease. This gives your eyes contour and definition. Finish the look by taking a matte white or cream color on your brow bone a a highlight.

Fill in your eyebrows.

Your eyebrows are like a picture frame for your face. They frame everything. Use a small brush and an eyeshadow in a color similar to your brows. Lightly fill them in and then use a brow brush to brush it out and soften the look.

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