August 31, 2010

Three days of my Top Three Foundations

Over the next three days I'm going to discuss the top three foundations that I find myself reaching for. These products have proven themselves worthy to get a dedicated spot in the makeup table of glory, so stay tune to see what my top three are, and let me know what your Holy Grail foundations are incase I'm missing the boat!

Are you ready for Foundation Numero Uno? Huh Huh Huh?

MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation
(Color: N4)

I have been using studio fix powder since I was about 16 years old. When I was younger I appreciated it for the ease in which it applied while I was on the bus riding to school (doing my mascara on a bumpy bus was a whole 'NOTHER story).

As I grew older I found kabuki brushes, which then added an element of fun to the application. *Swirl, Swirl, Buffity Buffity Buff Buff*

Now, I use it every day, regardless of whether I'm using a liquid foundation or not. I always own two at a time: one that stays in my makeup drawer and one that transfers to whichever purse I'm using at the time. I am rarely without "my precioussssss....."

I love that this foundation allows you to vary the coverate depending on not only how you apply it, but also how much you apply. Light coverage? Use a soft dusting with a fluffy brush. Medium Coverage? Kabuki brush's density will give a little bit more cover. Heavy? Go back in with the provided circular sponge to touch up any areas of prevailing redness.

It's light enough to use as a blotting powder throughout the day, and it avoids the yucky cakey look of a heavy cream to powder foundation. Needless to say, I can actually admit that this is one product that I see myself using on until eternity.

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