December 6, 2010

Brush Guards - A beauty must have.

Any beauty enthusiast can tell you that brushes are one of the most expensive investments you will make toward your makeup. A single brush can cost as much as 100+ dollars depending on what it is made of, the brand and the brush’s intended purpose. Frankly, the cost is insane.
A classic brush is like the ever supportive best friend: Always there to blend out my hard lines, buff away my dark circles, and bring me natural looking glow. All those perks AND they last forever…
IF you take care of them.

I would easily argue that the quality of the brushes you use are MORE important than the quality of the product itself. Application is key and brushes are the pencil to my paper, the keyboard to my computer, the… oh nevermind.

As with any item that you cherish, extra care must be taken to keep your brushes happy, clean and healthy. This includes treating trimming their leaves, talking to them in a coo and watering once a dayyy…wait, that’s plants. Ah you get the point.
One of my must have items for brush care is the Brush Guard.

Brush guards are little tubes made out of plastic webbing seen above. They come in a variety of sizes and must have been made with pixie dust, because I think they’re magical.

After washing your brushes, you have few options of how to lay them down to dry. Often we put them on their sides, or *gasp* may even put them standing bristle up in a cup. The problem with either of these methods is that inside your brush, there is glue attaching the hair bristles to the handle. This glue and water, see, they’re not friends. Water is like the shady neighbor that always comes over to say “Hi” and then steals your pizza; you just don’t want him hanging around too long.
When water gets into the farrell (the metal part of the brush), it has no way to evaporate out of the metal casing. As a result the water will start to deteriorate the glue holding your brush together. This is the reason brushes will shed or even fall apart after washing.
To avoid this, you want to keep water as far away from that glue as possible. The only way to do this to hang the brush upside down, but you’d hate to damage those expensive bristles. .. Enter the BRUSH GUARD!
Wash your brush, and while wet, slide the appropriate sized brush holder over you bristles (starting from the handle and moving up, in the direction of the hair). Then place upside down in a cup to dry like so…

The glory of these lil’ guys is that this position of bristle down allows the magic of gravity to pull the moisture away from where the glue AND, as an added bonus, keeps your bristles nice and shapely.

My favorite is when I wash my angled blush brush, or my blending eye brushes. They get so frazzled after a while, splayed out in all directions. Wash them, slide on the guard and let dry. When you pull your lil’ new best friend off the bristles will be lying neatly, all in the right direction, and the shape of the brush will look good as new.

If you've ever had a brush fall apart, you know the pain it causes. My beloved MAC 109, may it rest in peace, actually drew a tear when it, quite literally, came unglued. I’ll never have to face that trauma again now that I have brush guards to keep me safe.

The Brush Guard - a No Rules, Just Beauty MUST HAVE to keep your brushes safe and sound for the long haul.

p.s. cooing to them might not hurt either

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