December 9, 2010

Swatch City!

I was clearly set to stain my hand twelve different colors when I hit up my local MAC counter today, but I was on a mission.

Ruby Woo, one of MAC's iconic reds, has been following me lately. I ready about it on Dita Von Teese's twitter, saw it in a magazine, and THEN saw it featured in a holiday look makeup video. Everyone raved about it being the perfect matte red. To see whether Ruby Woo truly wooed me, keep reading...

Reds from left to right: MAC Red, Russian Red, Ruby Woo

Both Ruby Woo and Russian Red are in the matte lipstick line. The website describes Ruby Woo as a "vivid bluish-red" while Russian Red is described as a "intense bluish-red". What the difference between vivid and intense is, I'm not quite sure, but I digress.

MAC's Red lipstick is in the satin category and described as a "vivid bright bluish-red".

First things first....looking at the picture, do the two red swatches on the right look matte to you? Nope? Me either. Ruby Woo, without a doubt, is what I would imagine a matte shadow should be. Slightly dry and a smidgen challenging to apply. No shimmer, sheen or shine to it unless you add a gloss. Now placed next to Russian Red (matte) and MAC Red (satin), I have a hard time selling myself on the fact that Russian Red is a matte also. It clearly has a more similar texture to the satin line than Ruby Woo.

The texture, as I mentioned above, was quite dry. I was not "woo"ed off my feet upon first swatch. I took quite a few swipes to get the swatch you see above, while the other two red are only one swipe a piece.

Overall I'd have to say that Ruby Woo did not woo me. I found the texture slightly chalky and applying it to be difficult. When placed next to the other two reds above, Ruby Woo just doesn't seem as decadant a red, maybe it's MAC Red's less popular sister?

Bottom Line: Skip it. There are cheaper matte options out there (have you checked out Revlon's matte line?) and MAC itself has better red options for us pin-up look dreamers.

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