June 21, 2011

Before and Afters Say It All...

I was recently invited to take part in a beautiful wedding at Jack London Square, Oakland, California. 

A big wedding means lots of faces to make glam, so lets get to it!

Bridesmaid: Before

Bridesmaid: After

 Best WO{Man}: Before

Best WO{Man}: After

Before: Mother of the Bride

After: Mother of the Bride 

I feel so strongly that makeup is too often use to cover-up, conceal and mask everything that is unique and beautiful about the individual in each of us.

Makeup doesn't have to be piled on by the gallons.  It doesn't have to be done according to some magazine, and each person has total control to define how much, and what kind, they want to wear.  That's why it truly is a craft of artistry. 

 There is no "one way" to achieve any particular goal-the "creative process" is endless. 

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