May 24, 2011

The Wild World of Pigments: 101 Ways to Customize with Pigments

The magic of pigments really is what you can do when you ADD them to other products that you know and love.  It's something that most other eyeshadows can't do.  They mix, they match, and they play nice with a variety of substances and textures.

Add your pigment to the following products to create a one-of-a-kind item thatis completely customizable.

Adding pigment to body lotion gives a healthy glow to your skin.  Great to use
on your legs and arms in the warm summer months, or smooth over your neck and
shoulders to show off your collarbone.

TIP: Shimmery products can actually mask imperfections such as veins, blemishes
or discolorations.  The shimmer creates an airbrushed effect by reflecting light
and giving an overall softer appearance.

Nail Polish:
Pigments can be added to any clear or colored nail polish to create a unique,
personalized, look.  Add a pinch directly to the bottle and shake until
completely mixed.

Add pigment to your clear top coat to seal in a little shine, or mix with a
colored polish for a little something extra .

Lip gloss:
Mix a dash of pigment in a clear or colored lip gloss to change it up, or add to
Vaseline for a moisturizing lip treatment which is anything but boring.

Hair Products:
For an updated take on the 80’s glitter hair, put a scoop of pigment into your
pump hairspray and shake before spritzing.  This look is more subtle than
glitter and the hairspray ensures that it won’t end up all over the place.

You can also mix pigment into your hair gel or pomade.  Place the pigment in the
palm of your hand and rub it together with your styling product of choice before
running through your hair.

Body Highlight:
Mix a little pigment into a spray bottle filled with water, or your favorite
scented spray.  Shake well and spritz for a subtle glow.

Pigments can also be used as a dry highlight when brushed over areas like your
collarbone, chest and shoulders with a big fluffy brush.

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