May 19, 2011

The Wild World of Pigments: The Duct Tape of the Makeup World

What is a Pigment?
Pigments are highly concentrated loose color powders, which contain ingredients to help them adhere to the skin and are resistant to creasing and caking.  They can be used to create subtle washes of color, or more intense effects depending on how they are applied.

I like to call pigments the “duct tape of the makeup world”
- they have nearly 101 uses!

My two favorite multi-use pigments are as follows:

MAC Pink Opal Pigment: a pink/purple opalescent duochrome

MAC Vanilla Pigment: soft ivory with a golden sheen

Personally, I think that pigments are a little overwhelming if you don't know what to do with them.

"Powder - wha?"  

I thought I would share some of my suggestions on how to utilize your pigments in unexpected ways, all over the body.

Let’s get started...

Eye Shadow: Wet or Dry

Pigments are special because they can be used both wet and dry.

For a soft, subtle, wash of color:
Using a fluffy makeup brush, dip the tip into the jar and pick up some pigment.
Swirl it in the top of the lid to get the pigment really coated onto the
bristles.  Then simply swipe across your eyelid or brow bone for a light wash of

For a strong, more metallic look:
Choose a more stiff, flat brush, and dampen it with water.  Pick up a little
pigment on the end of the brush and again use the lid to pack the pigment into
the bristles.  Then PAT, don’t swipe, the pigment onto your eyelid.

Patting your eye shadow will deposit more concentrated color, whereas swiping
back and forth blends out the color for a lighter application.

Pigments can be used alone as eye shadows, but are also awesome to use as highlighters.  Tune in tomorrow for an in depth breakdown of how, and where, to use your pigment to highlight the face!

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