May 20, 2011

The Wild World of Pigments: Highlighting 101

Highlighting uses the concepts of light and dark to emphasize specific parts of
your face.  By applying a light or shimmery color, you visually “pop” that area
forward, making it appear more prominent.

Highlighting can also be used to create optical illusions and transform the
visual appearance of your face.

For example, using a highlight color on the inner corner/tear duct area of your
eye will create the illusion of wider, more awake, eyes.

To create a more angular appearance, use a highlight color to visually bring the
tops of your cheek bones and brow bone forward, this creates a more chiseled

Using a highlight in the center of your bottom lip gives a similar effect to
using a high shine gloss.  When the light bounces off the highlight area, it
produces the optical illusion that your lip is more full and plump.

Similarly, sweeping a subtle highlight on your cupid’s bow (the recessed area
above your top lip) will visually bring your top lip forward, creating a more
voluptuous appearance.

Highlighting can also be used to give the illusion of a “sun-kissed glow”.  To
do this, use a highlight color on the parts of your face which the sun would
naturally hit.

These include: Center of Forehead, Center of Nose, High Point of Chin

TIP: In a technique called contouring, light and dark colors are used in
strategic places on the face to create the visual illusion of depth and

By placing a darker color in sunken features, such as the hollows of your
cheeks, and emphasizing more prominent features with highlights, you are
controlling the use of light and dark to mimic the effect a shadow would have on
your face.

Cheek bones pop forward with the highlight, hollows of your cheeks seem more
recessed and the end result is a more dramatic, chiseled appearance.

Pigments are awesome for eye shadows and highlights, but the REAL genius of pigments is how much you can create by adding it to other things.  One-of-a-kind products that you personalize are just another blog post a way....stay tuned!

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