September 20, 2010

LOTD: Inspired by the 40s

It was cloudy and begging to rain outside so I thought I would create a little sunshine for myself with this 40's inspired look.

I parted my hair on the side, french braided down to the ear and then pulled it into a side braid. Curing the braid up like a cinnamon roll (mmm... cinnabun), I pinned it into a side bun-braid thing.

The hair inspired the dress, which you can't see, but is a full skirt and a great black and white pattern.

Then the makeup! Using MAC Copperplate, I contoured the crease of my eye ever so subtly to create som dimension to my face. I used vanilla pigment on the lid to add some sparkle and blac type on the brow bone as a matte highlight. LOTS of black eyeliner and loads of mascara, and I'm ready to go! I paired it with a plummy lip, Plum Paradise by Maybelline, and topped it with a Chanel gloss, # 142, just in the center bits.

Lovin' it!

*sorry for the bad picture quality. With the sun sleeping in, it was hard to get a good shot.

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