March 28, 2011

Top Knot: Go Big or Go Home

Check out my bouffant top knot! Go BIG or go HOME, right?

Sometimes a fun hairstyle makes me stand straighter and walk taller. In this case, the hairstyle itself gave me a couple of more inches!

Creating this look was so much more simple than I thought:

1. Smooth hair into a very high ponytail. I like to turn my head upside down to make sure that the back is smooth and straight. Use hairspray to keep fly-aways in check and some Moroccan Oil to put the shine back in there.

2. Using a boar bristle brush, or teasing comb, get to ratting! Tease the heck outta that pony tail. The goal is to look like your ponytail needs it's own zip code! Bigger IS better!!

3. Smooth down the outside layers of the tail with your boar bristle brush being careful not to brush out the rat. Grip the the ponytail ends, and start to twist into a loose bun.

4. Pin where necessary and then shellac that baby!

One great tip I have for creating a nice round shape is to use the pointed end of a comb or brush to pull and shape the hair. Just stick the pointed end into the bun and lift up gently to mold it.

Pro Tip: An oval shape top knot is more flattering than round, so go egg-static with your shape!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous - I like it a lot and definitely agree bigger is better! Kev