March 1, 2011

Dupe it Up: MAC Sublime Culture

Top: Rimmel Exaggerate Liner in Addiction $4-5

Bottom: MAC Creamstick liner in Sublime Culture $17.50

Top:Rimmel; Bottom: MAC

While there is no doubt that MAC puts out a good liner in a large variety of shades and textures (creamsticks vs pencils), sometimes the high prices make close my wallet and run the other direction.

The glory of a bad economy right? We are walking away from the high brow and looking for more affordable options. In this case, my friends, we've struck gold.

Enter Rimmel Automatic Liner for 4-dollars and change at your local drugstore...

Rimmel left, MAC right

FIVE DOLLARS? Huzzah to the cheaper alternative.

The Nitty Gritty:

The Rimmel liner is a little bit larger at the point, which can make it slightly more challenging to get the thin, precise, line you may be looking for and the texture is less creamy than it's more expensive cousin. However, the product is more available since you can find it at any drugstore carrying Rimmel products and it's price point more than makes up for it's different texture.

As a color comparison, the two are pretty spot on. If I HAD to nit pick I would say that Sublime Culture is a pinch more peach whereas Addiction pulls a pinch more pink, but the difference is hardly noticeable at glance.

Bottom Line:

Run, don't walk, to replace your more expensive MAC Sublime Culture for it's cheaper relative, Rimmel Exaggerate Liner in Addiction and use the extra cash to buy yourself a coffee, cause "ya done good kid".


  1. That's a great dupe! I was just thinking about buying Sublime Culture too, but I'll check out Rimmel instead. Thanks!

  2. I found your site after giving up on buying Sublime Culture and wanted a second opinion...and this post is a god-send! Love Rimmel and would've never thought there'd be a dupe in their line for this shade. Thanks!