February 24, 2011

Wet 'n' Wild: Walking on Eggshells

Walking on Eggshells is one of the neutral toned three color palettes recently released from Wet 'n' Wild. After my intense love for the six color palettes which came out a few months ago, my expectations for these gorgeous friends were pretty high.

Walking on Eggshells, No Flash

Walking on Eggshells, Flash

The soft, smooth, texture of these shadows is greatly deceiving. Similar to the soft application that I find from Urban Decay and Dior shadow palettes, this Wet 'n' Wild palette had me fooled into thinking I paid much more than 2.99 (or .99 per shadow).

Pigmentation is solid and the three color combo with highlight, crease and lid make these palettes a shoe-in for the inexperienced makeup enthusiast. This palette, in particular, is versatile since each of these three colors could be a lid color in a rush, used to brighten and lighten while running out the door.

My single complaint? Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer.

Maybe it's because I'm quickly approaching my later 20's, when shimmer emphasizes the bad instead of looking youthful and fun, but I am closing the drawer on many a shimmer obsession.
Walking on Eggshells, with three colors of all high shimmer, reduces the number of people this palette would work for AND also removes the ability for it to be an "all-in-one" product for me.

I adore these colors with a matte highlight on the browbone (MAC Brule or Blanc Type), using the shimmery white "browbone" color on the inner corners of my eyes instead. Texturally, I think the difference between the matte and shimmer creates a more smooth transition also.

Three shimmers, layered together, can easily look muddy when your eye can distinguish the different between the three corresponding, yet different, colors and instead just sees a big ball of shine. Not a deal breaker, but it will require I have a different highlight color available when using this gorgeous girl.

The Nitty Gritty:
Price - at a measly 2.99 these palettes quickly fall into the "too good to be true" category

In Store Availability- Available at most drugstores: Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid

Online Availability - no easy solution here, check ebay. The shadows are cheap enough that I don't imagine many fakes exist. It would cost more than the product to make the fake!

Wear Time- with my Nars eye primer, this palette lasted a full 8 hr work day without fading.

"Winnah!" or "Losah!"- WINNAH. The soft texture, great pigmentation and low price point makes these a no brainer in my book.

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