February 8, 2011

Tarte Lipgloss-mania!

If there is a lipgloss heaven, I have found it.

When Tarte had their friends and family sale I dipped into the kool-aid not once, but twice! Using the 40% discount, I couldn't hold back from ordering both their Good As Gold lip gloss set AND their Crown Jewels holiday collection.

Prepare for drool worthy photo bomb in 5, 4, 3, 2...

While I'm not completely versed on the Tarte brand, I have found some stand out items from them which made me anxious to try these pretties out. The colors are creamy and pigmented, and I'm pretty sure my husband mumbled something along the lines of, "With all those colors, you'll never buy a lipgloss again." Oh darling, only in your dreams. :)

With the two sets I have a complete range from Nudes to Pinks and Reds. Don't let the photos deceive you though, each lipgloss is about half the size of a normal lippy making it the perfect travel size for on the go.

Wear time is around 2 hours and tackiness is kept at a minimum. My one and only complaint is that each color does not have a label with it's name listed. While the box, I'm sure, gave me a full breakdown of what each gorgeous vial contained, I ripped it open in such a fury that I think only shreded remnants remain. With better planning I could have busted out ye ol' label maker and went to town, but that seems like an awful lot of effort in retrospect.

For now, the colors will be goreous pink, other gorgeous pink, saucy red, and so on. I think they're a great value for the money at 29.00 and 39.00 and the F&F discount made them highway robbery at nearly two for the price of one!

Instead of the 12 days of Christmas, can I have the 12 days of Lipgloss?

Check them out here:

Tarte Crown Jewels
Tarte Good as Gold

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