February 7, 2011

Vichy Dermablend Foundation Review

So there's been a lot of buzz in the beauty world about Vichy Dermablend foundations and I've finally checked my ego to show my naked, makeupless face to the world. *gasp* THE HORROR!

Here is a picture with Dermablend in color 15 Opal on the right side of my face. Clearly it goes without saying that it does a brilliant job of smoothing out the redness and uneven tone in my skin. It's quite like the Phantom really, with half a white mask covering the mess underneath!

with foundation...

au naturale...

Please ignore the demon eyes, my allergies have thrown me for a loop this week.

So all of you lovelies that think that my skin is just gorgeous and fair...well the jig is up! It's red, uneven and quite rubbish most days. But makeup makes everything better doesn't it?

So the nitty gritty on the review side:

The texture of this foundation is quite thick. I have applied with sponges (have you tried the beauty blender?), a foundation brush, and my fingers. I quite prefer a brush with a little fix+ to dampen the brush. I find that thinning out the foundation is an added plus to application otherwise it can feel quite like smearing elmers glue on ya face.

Covers everything you'd never want the world to see...that is unless you plaster your face on a website like I just did :) Originally intended to cover severe acne scarring and birthmarks, this baby goes the distance.

I find that it's a little on the dry side for my skin. Again, add a little fix+ to your brush when applying, or use a web sponge, and that added moisture will go a long way. I always set with a translucent powder, although it does set to a more matte finish.

Price: 28.00 for 1 oz.
Not the cheapest out there, but the coverage is leaps and bounds better than some of the drugstore foundations on the market.

I HAVE to have it, where can I buy it?
I bought mine at CVS but have recently seen it in the beauty aisle of Bed Bath and Beyond.

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