February 9, 2011

Product Reviews: What do you want to see?

I've decided to make a more concerted effort to review products that I'm using.

The amount of research that I do before I buy certain products is solely based on other beauty bloggers experience, swatches and reviews. I thought I would "add to the gene pool", so to speak.

In deciding to do reviews, I had to think long and hard about HOW to actually review a product. Reviews should be concise, and to the point, but factual and honest. Most importantly, they should be consistently rated based on a specific, standard,set of criteria.

My biggest review pet peeve? Reviews like this:

Um, I really like this product because, uh, it's pretty. And, um, it's cheap, so you should buy it." k, tnx bai.

I would love to know how that helps ANYONE! Pssht. Anywho, as I was searching for a consensus on how other beauty bloggers come up with a rating system, I ran across the website kelko.co.uk, which is a reviewing website for consumer products. I think their guidelines are pretty on point for reviewing products.

Guidelines for writing a review as written by Kelko.co.uk

-Be objective and truthful. Tell us how you really feel. Useful reviews include not only whether you liked or disliked a product, but also why.

-Be detailed and specific:

*Did the product meet your expectations
*How does the product compare to other similar products
*What features of the product do you like or dislike?
*Would you recommend the product to others?

-Stay "on topic". Keep your comments focused on the product.

-Try to keep it short.

-Don't spoil it for others. Reviews should not harass, abuse, or threaten, make false statements, defame, or impersonate

-Don't copy or otherwise infringe others' material, trademarks or other intellectual property. Reviews should include your own, original thoughts.

What do you think? When you read a review, what items are you looking for: personal experience, swatches, similar products, pros and cons? Help a girl out here.

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  1. Personally when I read a review I am looking for pictures (either swatches of the product or on face), thoughts after having tested it for a while, on how long wearing it is + what kind of skin type the reviewer has and her/his experience with it, price point and retailers/links?, possible cheaper dupes are always nice too :)

    I can't stand reviews that have been written after only using the product once. Or reviews that don't include a "wear test"...just like "I recommend this because it's a lovely shade but I haven't had time to try it yet. When I do I will let you know" ahem...ok that is just pointless. ;)