February 24, 2011

Dupe it up: MAC Fresh Salmon

It happens at least once in every large limited edition release, you find something you. just. love.

The following story may sound familiar:

Love at first sight, you wear your new found "holy grail item" for a week straight. Days or weeks pass and you suddenly notice that your use of this beloved item is starting to show. An irrational fear begins to creep, "Omg, what will I do when it runs out?!"

You tell yourself to stop using it so much, limit it to special occasions or maybe put it in a bottom drawer and out of sight. Initially, it taunts you from the bottom drawer, begging for use but, eventually, a new collection comes out and you forget about it entirely. Your newly obsessed "holy grail" becomes old news and is quickly replaced with the next collections "must have" item...until...

One day you're cleaning out your makeup drawer, the one on the bottom that you hardly look at, and you stumble upon it. Its like meeting a new friend all over again, usage increase, and the irrational fear is just around the corner...the cycle repeats.

MACs Fresh Salmon has been like Gollum's ring to me since it was released in the Spring Color Forecast last year. Everytime I use it I am filled with equal parts joy and guilt because I know soon my days of the perfect pinky coral will be ovah.

I was determined to find a dupe, and dupe it I did.

Rimmel Moisture Renew in Coral Shimmer (120) on left, MAC Fresh Salmon (lustre) on right

Coral Shimmer left, Fresh Salmon Right (no flash)

Clearly it's not a perfect dupe, as seen in the photo above. Fresh Salmon, right, has slightly more pink undertones as compared to Coral Shimmer's more, well, coral/peach undertone. But they're sooo close!

Coral Shimmer (left w.flash) has a smidgen more of a shimmer as compared to Fresh Salmon's subtle sheen which often accompanies MAC lustre formula.

Close enough for me. And with the Rimmel Coral Shimmer at an incredible 7-ish dollars, I will gladly swap out one for the other. Fresh Salmon, you are official moved out of the bottom retirement drawer. Huzzah!

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  1. I have been looking for this dupe since forever... Thank you so much!!! :D