February 16, 2011

L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge - Perpetual Peach is Practically Perfect

With as fair skinned as I am, light lipstick colors are the one thing I will forever work to master. Too light? Night of the living dead. But, when you find that perfect neutral pale color which brightens your face without making too bold of statement, ladies, buy it in bulk.

Behold Perpetual Peach from L'Oreal Rouge Collection:

L'Oreal went big with their new launch of Infalliable Le Rouge lipsticks. Choosing someone as iconic as Gwen Stefani to lead the campaign, L'Oreal made sure that they were seen.

The line has 33 shades listed on their website ranging from delicate pinks to rich reds through the spectrum to deep berry tones. Clearly, if you swatched enough, there would be a color for everyone in this bunch.

More than picking a great spokes person for the line, L'Oreal's performance claim for this product is huge:

"...10 hours of vivid, hi-definition, colour and shine..."

10 hours! woah. It actually took me a moment of thinking, "Do I even WANT a lipstick to last for 10 hours? That's more than a full work day, longer than an average 8 hour sleep cycle. A lipstick that won't come off through breakfast, lunch and dinner? The jury was out on this one.


(Shade - with flash)

I tested this product for over a week, and after eight hours of wear, two cups of coffee, and one pasta lunch the application was not entirely flawless, but pretty close to it. I was impressed.

The texture, when freshly applied, isn't dry or tight like many long wear lipsticks I've tried, though it does feel slightly tacky when freshly applied. There is a soft shine to it, and the frost is kept to a minimum. I would put a sheer coat of my favorite chapstick, Nivea Moisture, on top to get rid of the sticky feeling - which didn't seem to effect wear time or color.

My two complaints on the product are thus:

a 10 dollar drugstore lipstick?

Its a hard pill to swallow. What happened to the days of 5 dollar lippys that made it easy to take a chance on a "questionable" color because you wouldn't be out a bank load?


This is not a one handed twist lipstick. I'm not sure why they decided to do this, but you have to turn more than a normal amount to get this lipstick to come up high enough for application. Seemed a little strange, slightly awkward, but really, not a huge problem.

After testing for one week I went back and bought the glorious red that Gwen Stefani wears in the advertisements. Yet to have tested, sometimes I just like staring at it and dreaming that there may be a drugstore lipstick to rival the famous Ruby Woo and Russian Red with the staying power of the stain.

The Nitty Gritty:

Price - 9.99 but watch out for "Buy one, get one 50%" specials

In Store Availability- Available at most drugstores: Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid

Online Availability - Ulta , L'Oreal Paris Website

Wear Time- 6 hours plus. Sustained through eating and drinking.

"Winnah!" or "Losah!"- Ladies, we have a WINNAH!

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  1. Wow that's a gorgeous shade! :) Might take a looksie at the display next time I'm at walmart! Great pics thanks!