January 7, 2012

The Importance of Skincare: Straight Out of the Shower

(Left to Right: Estee Lauder Day Wear, Miracle Skin Transformer Primer, Garnier Skin Renew Eye Roller)

Getting ready for the day always starts with a fresh shower, and skin care immediately following. I learned many years ago that one of the best times to apply your daily skincare is immediately following a shower, and here's why:

Warm water and steam released during your shower acts as a natural "pore opener".

Have you ever received a spa facial and had them put the steam machine on? Same concept.

Steam encourages your pores to relax and open, in perfect preparation for cleaning. Light exfoliation and cleansing allows you to remove any lodge "gunk" you may have gathered while partying like a rock star through the holidays.

Cleansing can always be done, steam or no steam, but you get a much deeper clean by utilizing the warmth already present in your shower.

Once the shower is over, your pores are open and squeaky clean! Perfect starting point for complete moisture delivery. Slather on your favorite daily moisturizer and eye cream; then watch the show. Your clean, open pores will suck up the moisture taking it deep into the layers of your skin. Using this method is a perfect way to deliver moisture deeper than just the top layer.

I always apply my creams straight out of the shower, giving it some time to sink in while I brush my hair and wrap it in a towel. Flash forward 5-10 minutes and I will blot off any remaining moisture on the skin, and start my primer and foundation routine.

If there is one tip I could provide to anyone and everyone I speak to about makeup, it's the importance of skincare. Starting a routine early makes it much easier to keep it consistent. Try working skincare into your daily schedule; it'll make you much more likely to keep it up long term.

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