January 11, 2012

Product Review: Covergirl 24hour Mascara

Product on the chopping block: Covergirl LashBlast 24HOURMascara, Very Black

Those of you who read my recent "Product Rant" regarding mascara are probably one step ahead of where I was when I bought this item, "Jamie Lynn, you don't use waterproof mascara so WHY ON EARTH would you consider a 24HOUR formula?!" My friends, you'd be right.
Covergirl 24HOUR Mascara Right Eye - Eyes Open

Covergirl 24HOUR Mascara Right Eye - Eyes Closed


Covergirl 24HOUR Mascara Both - Eyes Open

Covergirl 24HOUR Mascara Both - Eye Closed

 The Verdict- Keeper or Toss Me?


My distaste with this product is not unfounded, I will argue. While the formula is reminiscent of Covergirl LashBlast Volume (the original in the Orange Tube),the removal of said formula brought upon literal tears.

I do not use waterproof mascara because I strongly feel that rubbing the delicate eye region is something that should be avoided at all costs.  With the variety of makeup remover solutions, gels, creams and wipes out there, it just isn't necessary to rub back and forth with a cotton pad to remove a products. 

Apparently this was a memo never received by the creators of Lashblast 24HOUR formula.

Top Left: BioDerma Makeup Remover, MU Forever Senseyes Remover, MAC MU Wipes

It took me three, THREE, products to get this product off my lashes in it's entirety.  This makes it an immediate Toss Me! product in my book.  Check out how much products was left after using both the makeup wipes and soaking with Bioderma Remover for 30 seconds:

Now I'm a girl who can appreciate a product that sticks with you, but this one just sticks too much.  It is fair to consider my bias against a product like this, since I don't use waterproof mascaras, but in retrospect I wish I would have know that I was testing the kryptonite of mascaras I did it.

Final Verdict: TOSS ME! 

There is a distinct different between long wear and FOREVER wear. 
I like my makeup to come off at the end of the night, without having to rub my skin raw in the process.

Sorry, Covergirl, this one isn't a winner for me.

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