January 27, 2012

No7 Poppy King Collection

Poppy King is a lipstick legend.

Having started her own cosmetic company at the age of 18, Poppy's brand Lipstick Queen has created quite a cult for years.  In the United States, her products are hard to come by, mostly being stocked in Bloomingdale's Space N.K and Barneys stores.  With such high end marketing, you can imagine my delight when I heard she was working with UK brand No7 to design an affordable line of lipsticks featured in Target stores all over the United States.

The line was released just before Christmas but can still be found in many target stores now (my two local stores had products available).  I was able to pick up three of the seven lipstick colors available, and one gloss.  Please see swatches below:

Top: Glamour, Intrigue, Power, Allure
From Left: Glamour (Gloss), Intrigue, Power, Allure

From the squeal worth packaging to the texture and application of the lipsticks, Ms. Poppy King does not disappoint.  The colors are creaming and opaque with the feel of a high end product for $9.99 price tag.

I do want to point out one strange thing I noticed with the size, let's compare shall we?

No7 lipstick, 3.5 g / 0.12 oz             Mac lipstick, 3 g / 0.1 oz

No7 lipstick, 3.5 g / 0.12 oz             Mac lipstick, 3 g / 0.1 oz

Strangely enough, by weight alone, the No7 lipsticks are a smidgen heavier than your average MAC lippy.  Compare the packaging, and you have a clear case of "looks can be deceiving".  The No7 lipsticks seem to cut out all the "fluff" with their packaging, condensing the lipstick into a teeny tiny, and likely to get lost in my ginormous purses, package.  As much as I love minis, this is one product I wish was in a slightly larger packaging.

Silver lining?  This is the PERFECT size to slip into a clutch for your night on the town.. 

No7 Gloss, .2 oz                       MAC Dazzleglass, 0.06 oz

I am not normally one to compare size vs. price for products, but reviewing the amount of physical product  in the No7 Poppy Collection as compared to a similar product by MAC, it's impossible to ignore that Poppy is providing one heck of a deal!

Final Verdict: KEEPER!

- Opaque coverage
- Wearable Colors
- 4-5hours Average Wear time
- Great Value

If you could find them, I would highly suggest you pick them up before they're gone!

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